QLab USB Numeric Keypad Controller

This setup has greatly enhaced my QLab experience, no more need to reach over a console to trigger a cue, or constantly look away from the stage to see what cue I'm on. I've got my MacBook Pro on a music stand in front of the sound board - too far away to use the keyboard, but close enough to see the screen (and not blocking the board - a script is enough of a nuisance). I use an Apple wireless keyboard and mouse to tech, and to run the show, this snappy setup:

  • Get a usb numeric keypad - I believe any will work, but I have the Targus PAUK10.

  • Download and print the QLab keypad labels as a .pdf or .psd if you want to edit with Photoshop .
    I used bumper sticker paper, but any label paper should work.
    Cut out and attach the labels. Here's the layout I used:

qlab keypad

  • Download Butler, which will be used to direct key presses on the usb keypad to QLab - set Butler to load automatically at login.
    Open Butler and import these preferences. The advantage to using Butler is your keypad will be global - you don't want to miss a cue!
    You can also set hotkey triggers for individual cues in QLab to F, G, and H, and trigger these with the +, -, and * labeled keypad keys (1, 2, 3, with my labels above).

  • Open QLab and set the Key Map to this:

qlab keys


- Josh